OutPitch 3.1: Leveling the playing field for underfunded founders

Posted by: Leila Chreiteh

Posted on 02/27/2022

OutPitch 3.1: Leveling the playing field for underfunded founders

As a team of former startup founders, we know how time-consuming raising capital can be, especially for early-stage startups relying heavily on cold intros to investors.

OutPitch 3.1 is how we’re leveling the playing field.

FOUNDERS: OutPitch 3.1 is your chance to turn 1 pitch → 200+ investor introductions.

If you’ve got what it takes to outvision, outbrave, outperform, outsmart, and outpitch the competition, start your OutPitch 3.1 application now!

Here’s what founders need to know:

  • 🎉 today: OutPitch 3.1 application is live;
  • ⏱ 3/10: last day to apply;
  • 📣 3/18: 5 finalists announced;
  • 🏆 3/22: 200+ investors invest, commit, and connect with 5 finalists during live, virtual pitches during OutPitch 3.1.

INVESTORS: OutPitch 3.1 is your chance to turn 1 hour → 5 group-vetted, early-stage deals!

For 14+ years, we’ve honed the ability to write first-checks at the earliest stages of future unicorns, so investors know our finalist picks will be 🔥.

Here’s what investors need to know:

  • ⏱ 3/10: our early-stage team begins vetting applicants to identify top-tier startups;
  • 🏆 3/22: 5 finalists pitch live at OutPitch 3.1 + the audience’s real-time options include:
    • 💰 invest in / commit to the finalists funding vehicle as they pitch;
    • 🤝 make introductions to the founding team to learn more; and
    • 🚀 vet deals with fellow investors from our top-tier network in real-time.

Save your spot now to invest in real-time in five Outlander-vetted startups at OutPitch 3.1:

To learn more about Stonks events, visit Stonks.com. For OutPitch 3.1 questions, reach out to our team at info@outlander.vc.

Leila Chreiteh

Director of Community, Outlander VC

Leila is a communications strategist who believes in investing in a better, more progressive future.


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