After serving in the Marine Corps, Paige combined his natural entrepreneurial instinct with his passion for national...

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Managing Partner

Paige Craig


Changing the world one founder at a time.

No one understands this mindset better than our Founder, Paige Craig, whose uniquely pioneered path to a world-class investor began on the other side of the pitch deck.

After serving in the Marine Corps, Paige combined his natural entrepreneurial instinct with his passion for national security and bootstrapped a private military company.

Starting with a solo drive into Iraq with $10k, he scaled his business to over $300M in revenue in four years, with programs across the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

15 years and 150+ investments later, Paige drives returns in the top 5% of VCs worldwide.

"Successful founders embody the vision, intelligence, character, and execution of the hero archetype. In life's defining moments, they are hard-wired to persevere and achieve the impossible. These outlandish founders are who we bet on."

- Paige Craig on the Outlander Founder Framework


Meet our outlandish investors
& operations experts.

Leura is a former founder and experienced investor who previously bootstrapped two startups...

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Managing Partner

Leura Craig

With a passion for business development, corporate strategy, and emerging technology, Lucas is thrilled to be...

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Lucas Hoffmann

Driven by a deep interest in emerging technology, Blaine has always had an affinity for venture capital. Prior to...

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Blaine Davis

Leila is a community organizer and communications strategist who believes in investing in...

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Director of Community

Leila Chreiteh

With an innate curiosity and drive to always be on the pulse of what is next in innovation, Bailie is focused on founders and...

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Junior Partner

Bailie Salk

Known for her exceptional relationship-building skills, Ana Gabriela has a genuine passion for connecting with...

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Investor Relations Associate

Ana Gabriela Bon


Fund brilliant founders first;
help them change the world.

Nothing excites us more than helping visionary companies change the way the world works, lives, and dreams.

But we don’t stop at funding—we provide hands-on company building, match founders to our network of 1000+ top-tier mentors, investors, and experts, and more. We are excited to roll up our sleeves and support founders every step of the way.


Industry experts & startup veterans at your fingertips.

While the startup journey, we know it's easier with experts to help lighten the load.

That's why we build our Mentor Network comprised of industry experts, founders, and investors who are ready to trek into the unknown with you.

Based on each portfolio company's needs, we pair our mentors and portfolio founders up for a 6-month sprint to help them reach their highest potential.

Got questions about joining our network? Reach out to

  • Lydia Jett

    Investment Partner

  • Hamet Watt

    CEO & Founder

    Share Ventures
  • Annie Kadavy

    Managing Director

    Redpoint Ventures
  • Lo Toney

    Founding Managing Partner

    Plexo Capital
  • Walter Delph

    Partner and Managing Director

    BCG Digital Ventures
  • Dan Teran


    Managed by Q
  • Hayley Barna


    First Round Capital
  • Elizabeth Weil

    Founder & Managing Director

    Scribble Ventures
  • Josh Elman

    Product Advisor

  • Monique Woodard


    Cake Ventures
  • Clara Sieg



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