OutPitch 2.0 Finalists

Posted by: Leura Craig

Posted on 11/23/2021

OutPitch 2.0 Finalists

Meet the 5 early-stage tech startups competing live at OutPitch 2.0: AlphaRora, F3TCH, HyperC, Levantr, and MRGN.

Here’s how to hear their pitches:

  1. Register now and join us virtually on 12/7 to participate in the live audience Q&A with the presenting companies.
  2. Register now and watch the event recording at your own leisure!

Either way, register now! You do not want to miss these pitches.

AlphaRora 📍 Dallas, TX

Meet the future of private wealth and asset management: AlphaRora.

AlphaRora is a private wealth and asset management service that allows private investors and asset owners to understand, manage, and optimize their private portfolios and assets through unique insights and automated data. By uncovering data within your portfolio, AlphaRora automates and optimizes your assets, so you can make better decisions and understand your private assets better, including tools to guide you through these events taxes, returns, liquidity events, and allocations.

F3TCH 📍 Wilmington, NC

F3TCH is revolutionizing how hotels communicate with their guests.

Through F3TCH’s patented mobile application for hotels and resorts, guests can now use their smartphones as their hotel guest room telephone, complete with voice, SMS, and rich text capabilities. As a result, F3TCH offers guests, hotels, and hotel brands a much more powerful and modern way to connect with checked-in guests and enhances the most important metric on the hotel business: the guest experience.

HyperC 📍 Palo Alto, CA

HyperC is growing businesses with the most advanced rule AI yet.

HyperC is an AI-based database that solves operational problems in linear time. Powered by the latest advancements in hybrid AI, HyperC stores and manages business rules to enable automatic resource planning with the long tail of exceptions. Connect the data you use every day for trucking, services requests, packaging, manufacturing orders and let the machine figure out optimal operations.

Levantr 📍 New York, NY

Levantr is building a new way to travel.

For consumers, Levantr operates as a productivity tool for travelers (think: Pinterest meets Trello), allowing travel providers such as hotels, tour guides, and travel agencies the ability to deliver personalized offers/deals to users based on real-time insights. By using Levantr to organize, vote, and build out future trips, travelers gain access to the deals/offers of travel providers—a win-win for all involved!

MRGN 📍 New York, NY

MRGN is the future of intelligent budgeting for small businesses.

MRGN’s financial modeling and budget planning platform allows SMBs to cut their financial planning time drastically. Through intuitive insights on what drives efficiency and scalability—all without hiring a CFO—MRGN users can delegate to and collaborate with their coworkers, as well as simulate a wide variety of scenarios that could potentially impact their cash flow before they happen.

Spots are limited, so RSVP now to the 5 OutPitch finalists pitch live on 12/7!

Leura Craig

Senior Partner, Outlander VC

Leura is a former founder and experienced investor who previously bootstrapped two startups as the founding CEO.


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