Outlander Demo Day Roster

Posted by: Paige Craig

Posted on 09/5/2021

Outlander Demo Day Roster

In celebration of Outlander’s first birthday 🎂, we’re hosting another Outlander Demo Day on September 30, 2021, where you can meet five of the game-changing companies and visionary founders we’ve invested in since our September 2020 launch! For your convenience, there are two ways to celebrate with us:

  1. Register now and join us virtually on 9/30 to participate in the live audience Q&A with the presenting companies.
  2. Register now and watch the event recording at your own leisure!

The recording of Outlander Demo Day will be available to all registrants immediately afterward here, so either way, register now! You do not want to miss these pitches.

From innovations in Video Robotic Process Automation (vRPA) and machine learning, consumer health and care data tracking, and SaaS-enabled marketplaces to shop local, build your next startup dream team, or find inclusive transportation, here’s a sneak peek of the magic to come at Outlander Demo Day:

City Shoppe — SaaS-enabled marketplace powered by local small businesses and values-based consumers.

City Shoppe’s SaaS-enabled marketplace is an interconnected platform bridging the gap between local businesses and modern consumers. On the business side, we manage and build SMB’s business behind the scenes, allowing them to just focus on product curation. The consumer side is our one-stop-shop marketplace that exceeds the expectations of the next generation of consumers by enabling them to shop ethically, filter by values, empower local vendors, and change the world. City Shoppe is the future of  “Think Local First.”

You may recognize City Shoppe as the winner of OutPitch 2021! Based in Austin, TX, founder and CEO Ash Cintas is laser-focused on creating a SaaS-enabled marketplace that empowers anyone to shop locally from anywhere through City Shoppe.

Huddle — where freelancers invest in startups with their time + startups scale in exchange for equity or cash.

At Huddle, we get that finding talented people to work on your startup is hard. After spending an average of 3-6 months fundraising, founders spend an additional 3-months putting their team together. That’s why we build Huddle: a social marketplace that connects the world’s top startup builders to founders. Founders pitch the Huddle community on what they’re building and need help with (pitch deck, mobile app, new brand, etc). Huddle’s platform matches startups with flexible, super teams that can move fast and be paid in cash and equity, meaning no more wasted time scrolling freelance marketplaces and interviewing expensive agencies. 

Based in Miami, FL, co-founder and Chief Product Officer Stephanie Golik is obsessed with increasing entrepreneurship and creator ownership via the FinTech, AI, blockchain, and creator economy marketplace that culminates to Huddle.

MedHaul — enabling safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for patients with unique needs.

Access to transportation can mean the difference between chronically ill patients safely managing their health at home or missed treatments and costly unnecessary visits to an emergency room, and MedHaul is here to close that transportation gap. We serve as a conduit between multiple communities—healthcare providers, transportation workers, and underserved populations—creating a unique solution that empowers the entire community to better health. MedHaul’s technology makes it easy for healthcare providers to find and book rides for their most vulnerable patients, regardless of their unique needs. Through our streamlined transportation platform, we help healthcare workers save time, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction while closing critical transportation gaps for those who are impacted most. 

Based out of Memphis, TN, founder and CEO Erica Plybeah is committed to providing safe, cost-effective, and reliable healthcare transportation for all through MedHaul.

Talli — hardware + software solution for one-touch, mobile, hands-free logging of health and care data.

Our mission at Talli® is to reduce the mental burden of caregiving through easier logging of care and health data. Our flexible IoT platform provides hardware and software options for one-touch, mobile, and hands-free logging across infant care, senior care, and home health markets. Talli is flexible enough to track any type of event and then translate that data into actionable information and the insights you need most.

Based in Atlanta, GA, co-founder Lauren Longo is disrupting the tracking and sharing of health and care data through an IoT logging and health data platform with configurable hardware and software solutions through Talli.

Vidrovr — video analysis platform for indexing and activating video content to create vRPA workflows.

Vidrovr enables users to index live and archival video content, access embedded video data, and use their video data to create Video Robotic Process Automation (vRPA) workflows. Our platform unlocks the untapped potential of a  company’s unstructured data within video, audio, and image assets, then translates those data points into actionable business insights. As a result, we leverage video data to modernize industries dependent on physical operations in ways never thought possible! Vidrovr’s AI localizes the complex interactions between people, objects, and events within video data and then creates insights on improving safety, simplifying compliance, and streamline logistics. Simply put: At Vidrvor, we make videos as searchable as the web.

Based in Atlanta, GA and New York, NY, co-founder and CEO Joe Ellis is obsessed with everything machine learning, artificial intelligence, vRPA, and workflow automation—all culminating in Vidrovr.

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Paige Craig

Managing Partner, Outlander VC

Paige invests in brilliant founders from across the US, using his Founder Framework to drive returns in the top 5% of VCs globally.


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