Coco: $5.5M raise, robot delivery fleet + core team expansion

Posted by: Team Outlander

Posted on 02/10/2021

Coco: $5.5M raise, robot delivery fleet + core team expansion

In November of 2020, Coco raised an additional $5.5M from Sam Altman and Jeff Kearl (Pelion Ventures) to expand our robot delivery fleet across Los Angeles and to grow our core team.

Since then, we’ve grown to a team of 70+ people, deployed 50 new robots, and launched multiple cities within LA County, where we allow grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores to deliver to their customers at a reduced cost.

We’ve paired the brilliance of people with the industrial resilience and efficiency of robots to deliver food and goods cheaper than any other platform in existence. As the fastest growing robotic delivery service in the galaxy, we aim to:

  • be the cheapest, fastest delivery for consumers,
  • protect and respect the communities we serve, and
  • create fulfilling, skilled careers for our robot pilots.

Our pilot and robot delivery teams help us make deliveries cheaper than humans could in person. The pilots—or, as we call them, Coconauts—work remotely to navigate city streets, make deliveries to consumers, and keep the bots out of the way of any stray humans or vehicles. But our robot fleet isn’t just left out on the streets! Every night, our robots return to the home of the pilot who looks out for them. In return for being our robots’ eyes and ears, we create fulfilling, well-paying jobs that also allow our Coconauts to serve their communities.

And we’re just. getting. started. Next, we’re planning to add thousands of robots to our fleet with the goal of fulfilling 10,000+ deliveries per day. So check to see if the fastest robotic delivery system in the galaxy can serve you, too.

– Zach Rash, Co-founder & CEO, Coco

Team Outlander

Zach Rash, Co-founder & CEO, Coco


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